Patriotic fashion in the Philippines

30 09 2008

Statement T-shirts are big news in the Philippines but if you want to own the most desirable of these then check out the homegrown talent of Team Manila. Their ‘I Love Ninoy’ t-shirts feature good-looking graphic designs featuring his trademark specs. Check out the range, which marks the 25th anniversary of Ninoy Aquino’s assassination as he was led off a plane at Manila Airport. His wife Corazon went on to become president, signalling the end of the Marcos regime.

Still waiting for international buying options on their website…


Philippines – the basics

28 03 2008

Country information


Over 7,000 islands but the uniform remains the same, thanks to American influences and the tropical heat. Yes, the Philippines is pretty much a cool, casual, relaxed t-shirt and jeans/shorts kind of island nation. Which doesn’t mean you can’t look good – the malls are great for designer and slogan tees, the markets good for vintage versions. Stand out by investing in the coolest sunglasses or take your lead from Manila she-males and strut the nightlife in a short ‘n’ sexy or long ‘n’ slinky dress. Cute skirts, slacks, jeans with dressier tops are also safe bets for a night out.

Bring flipflops (aka thongs) that’ll take you from daytime to eveningwear if staying at the beach but take a decent pair of shoes for high-end clubs or formal meetings. Think sandals/sneakers if you’re walking further than hut to beach.

Wet season visitors, you can carry on wearing what you’re wearing but don’t leave your nipa hut without a rain mac or brolly.


Statement tees like these.


Despite having a bad rep for ‘romance tourism’, the Philippines is a relatively conservative country so bikini thongs and going topless on public beaches are frowned upon. Save it for Brazil.

Local buys

Cut-price designer brand names, often with stalls inside of the local mall. Barong Tagalog embroidered dress shirt – as modelled here on 2008 by Quentin Tarantino. Look for inexpensive tailors in Manila and other major cities – the malls are cheap but even XXXL is too small if you’re from the West. And I like Team Manila-designed tees, which you can only buy in certain Manila malls.


Some top Pinoy clothes designers on Flickr.