10 packing tips to look good in Europe

27 10 2008

Fashion and travel combine in Europe so if you want to blend in without crumpling all your designer togs or risk having them nicked from hostel laundries, then this list will help you pack for those sleek Euro capitals.

Porcelaingirl° {enthusiastic foolish} / Flickr

He's got the shoes, the bag and the dog! By: Porcelaingirl° {enthusiastic foolish} / Flickr

1. Pack a chic accessory – a bright scarf, matching gloves, a hat, a killer bag, hot shoes, a trophy dog, etc (this is good advice for men too – see pic left).

2. Take a summer wrap for covering your shoulders when entering churches. You may also need to wear longer trousers or skirts. For stricter Vatican dress codes, Travelista has the lowdown.

3. Bring something classically tailored, like a fitted jacket, or pencil or A-line skirt, and mix in with a trendy top or bottom.

4. Invest in some Capri pants or cut-offs for riding round town on your rent-a-Vespa.

5. Take smarter cuts of jean, ie, leave the ancient baggies at home.

6. Pack a pretty travel dress for those Audrey Hepburn moments.

7. Wear lipstick, gloss and big sunglasses.

Cutoffs & kitten heels by Paul Keleher/Flickr

Cutoffs & kitten heels by Paul Keleher/Flickr

8. Bring a comfortable pair of ballerina flatties and/or low-heel boots for all the walking tours and Before Sunrise moments.

9. Dust off your old leather biker jacket – they’re creeping back into fashion all over Europe including the UK.

10. Tie, pin up or sleek back long hair. Save the loose locks for the beach.

For the latest street styles and fashion trends in Europe, check out Travelista.com or, for packing help, click on the ‘Europe’ or individual country tabs on this site. For Euro fashion faux pas (or are they!), read this!




4 responses

4 11 2008

What to wear in Europe – so this works as well for the far North of Norway as the South of France?

I fear you may be over generalising.

I’m also not convinced that I am an a-line skirt kind of guy.

4 11 2008

Guilty – I did waver over including Scandinavia but figured it’d be great if someone from there disagreed and put me right!

So does this mean you’re not going to do a guest post from Cameroon?

4 11 2008

Not sure I am cut out for it.

isn’t all this a bit hypothetical and incredibly general?

You don’t even mention what season you are talking about packing for? I am guessing for most European cities were long past the “summer wrap” stage. whose going to have bare shoulders in November?

4 11 2008

Thanks for your points Steve.

Well, I still think you’d be a good contributor since you live there – unless you think people don’t need any guides to what to pack/wear before heading out to Cameroon?

It probably is an impossible blog project to be honest – but I’m trying not to let that put me off. Hopefully, like Wikipedia, it will get more accurate over time but it is very early days yet.

Anyway I think the point (hopefully) is to start a conversation – just like this, and hence me asking if you’d like to do a guest post – or suggest just a single tip even as someone has done for Taiwan.

Re point on seasons – in early posts I spent hours researching loads of details, everything from rainy seasons to local fashion blogs – only to realise that the subject was too big and it would be too prescriptive to cover that way. That’s why it’s growing in an ad hoc way so that it is unlimited. Also, one post might have general summer tips (Oslo’s summer averages are 20-22ºC but go up to 33 btw!) but later on there may well be a winter one to run alongside it. (add: Or one for older people, or kids, or campers, etc etc.)

So all that said, should I remove the Scandinavian country tags for this post? I’m inclined to await future posts/links on Scandinavia-wear to fill out the discussion or to invite comments suggesting winter gear.

But happy to remain open to suggestions and edits if anyone else wants to add to the discussion.

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